Touching Down

School is a distant memory, but I haven’t forgotten how to hold a pencil.

I spent my first week of vacation at home, seeing all my favorite people, eating good food, and rubbing my eyes (thanks, kitty).

I was at Columbia this past week for a high school journalism workshop. I saw my first Broadway show, Come From Away, and it was unbelievable. It tells the true story of 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland, where 38 planes were diverted when U.S. airspace closed. 100000/10 would recommend to a friend. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack, but I can’t get anything done when it’s playing because it tells the whole story on its own. We got to interview the cast afterwards, and they were all amazing. This is a clip from my favorite song.

The Groton group got a chance to visit The New York Times, which was the other highlight of the trip. I got a copy of Wednesday’s paper, and I’m putting the front page up on my wall when I move into my dorm in September.

Right now I’m sitting at my desk listening to Lori McKenna (my bae) and finally getting around to updating this blog. I neglected it this spring, but rest assured, it was a fantastic spring! Groton is best in the spring. I’m excited for the rest of summer, but I also can’t wait for the fall. Somehow I’m a senior.

Today I’m touching down in Framingham. Tomorrow I take off for the Kenyon Young Writers Workshop in Ohio. It’ll be my first trip to the Midwest since my mom’s college reunion which I can’t remember, so I’m excited to see if people there are as friendly as everyone says.

Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep because I’m so excited for my future. It’s a good problem to have.



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