Short Long Weekend

Friday afternoon, I went home for the first time since September (dude, it’s only been five weeks). I looked forward to a weekend of rest, writing, and junk food. I got in two of the three.

Before coming home, we stopped and visited my grandma in Cambridge. She was very happy to see her dog. Getting home from Boston on a Friday afternoon was obviously really fun, and we spent the rest of the day farting around. We watched The Princess Bride-inconceivable!-and I stayed up later than usual reading. (Weekend be damned, I woke up at 7:30 the next morning, and there was no more sleep to be had.)

Saturday was another day of farting around and writing. That evening, I took Qande to the Rt. 30 bridge over the Mass Pike to take artsy sunset/headlight photos. It was my first time playing with long exposures and lights, and I really like how the pics turned out!

The next morning, Gus got us up bright and early to go see the sunrise. We “hiked” up Nobscot Hill (yes, it’s a hill). Artsy photo adventure #2. (Look closely in the cover photo for the Prudential Center and Hancock Tower.)

I did a good amount of writing this weekend. I loved having no obligation to do anything productive and devoting all my energy to the stories I’m working on. I also experimented with various manners of cooking Oreos. Baking them inside Crescent rolls yielded my favorite result; the fried ones didn’t quite cook through before they started burning. My only previous frying experience was making chips at Chipotle this summer, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Sunday afternoon, Gus taught me and Qande how to ride a unicycle. I had been taught previously but had never before covered any distance without a guide or a fence. I made it 30 feet this time! But a little while later, in honor of the upcoming time change, I fell back on my bum and my wrists. I’m okay! I had the pleasure of fainting (seriously, fainting is kind of fun) and spending the rest of the evening in bed with frozen vegetables.


Last year, I was sort of sad to go back to school after long weekend. I think my expectations were too high. Long weekend is actually quite short, and knowing this, I relaxed more this time around and didn’t try to do a whole bunch of things (throwback to chemistry problem sets). It’s a good change of scenery, but not quite a real vacation.


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