Fall 2016

This has been a wonderful weekend (and by weekend, I mean 29 hours since I got out of rehearsal).

I spent yesterday evening at my advisor’s house, eating ice cream and playing DixIt. Friends came, friends left, and we all chatted in a messy Spanglish.

This morning, Gus biked 28.5 miles to the end of the rail trail in Ayer, where I met him on my bike and brought him to campus for brunch. He folded soft serve in a waffle and I called it a waffle cone. We hung out in my room for a little bit with a couple of my friends who stayed with us this summer. When Gus was warm enough, we went toodling around campus with Qande, whom we taught to ride a bike back in July (her ability to ride is proof that the summer actually did happen). She agreed to come with me to drop Gus off at the train station in Ayer and ended up biking almost 10 miles today. Today I am very thankful for the rail trail.

I’ve been at school for two weeks now, but part of me feels like I never left. The summer feels like a faded memory of the distant past, and the reality of my junior year workload is sinking in. But I’m not over-stressed yet (knock on wood). I’m thrilled with how my room decorations turned out (see the copious amount of photos around my desk in the photo above), and I’m loving the single life (I don’t have a roommate; get it?), and even more importantly I love having my closest friends down the hall. It can make for some unproductive evenings, but if all the nostalgic seniors tell the truth in their chapel talks, these nights are what I’ll remember in the long run.

This fall I’m an assistant stage manager for the musical, and I love watching the scenes come together. Yay for trying new things! Boo for not having exercise built into my schedule! But I have my bike under my bed, and every so often it comes out to play. (Running is not a thing.)


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