My First Real Spring Break

My first real spring break has gone like this:

Step 1: Wake up and waste time catching up on social media.

Step 2: Eat breakfast.

Step 3: Waste an hour in the name of digestion.

Step 4: Drag myself out of my bed/chair/room and head downstairs.

Step 5: Do the 7-minute workout, then row, then do the 7-minute workout again.

Step 6: Cry.

Step 7: Laze around, shower, maybe eat lunch (by now I’ve wasted enough time that it’s an appropriate hour for lunching).

Step 8: Laze around.

I like being in bed by 8:30 to read. Asleep by 10:00. Awake at 7:30. I can’t help it.

And so it goes. It’s been pretty fabulous. I love having so much time to do nothing. The weather has been great this past week, although it’s sort of going downhill right now. It was 78 degrees last Wednesday. Yesterday was a breezy 60, so I spent upwards of two hours lying outside on the grass. I initially planned on reading, but I was like, “Hey, I’m drowsy, and this is fantastic,” so I fell asleep. A kind civilian asked if I was okay as she drove by, and I was all, “Oh yes, I am great!” I’ve missed soaking up the sun (though I was wearing long sleeves and yoga pants to keep that skin healthy, kids).

In nine days I will be back in G-town for crew preseason. I’m looking forward to getting out on the water, but until then, I’m not rushing this.




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