0 to 100 real quick

It’s been almost two weeks since I strolled back into my dorm room, which at the time played host to that glorious post-room service smell of a hotel.

All I can say is that the first week back was the epitome of “0 to 100 real quick.” Teachers wasted no time in assigning essays or giving tests, and my hours working on building the set for the musical have increased. I certainly got what I asked for when I said I was looking forward to being busy again.

And it’s beautiful. There were tears shed, there were shoulders hanging low in hopelessness, there were doodles drawn in the margins of assessments. But it’s over. I just turned in my test redo this afternoon, and I used an extension on my essay so I’ve got a couple nights to revise it. To know that I’ve given these challenges my all leaves me feeling triumphant.

There has been snow. There has been slush. There has been precipitation that falls somewhere on the line between the two. Ice glimmers on the walkways, and the wind bites, but being forced to go outside in the cold is a wonderful thing.

And maybe I’m speaking too soon, but I haven’t caught even a hint of the winter blues. I make sure to get in a good workout whenever possible, which definitely helps, and I feel like a positive attitude and a bagel are all you need to keep your spirits high.

Tough weeks always come to end. Last week was one of them. I started working Sunday morning and didn’t stop until Tuesday night, and it wasn’t even because of procrastination; I just had that much to do. Making schedules keeps me (relatively) sane.

I’m participating in the Dogwood 52 photography challenge, so y’all should go follow my photo Insta @macymoophoto. I don’t really have much else to say. Life is good.

Keep your head up, eat some chocolate, and get some sleep.


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