I’m not surprised that October is over. I mean, I knew that October 2015 would last 31 days, and it did. It’s just that it feels like only last week that we were woken up at 6:00 AM for a fire drill… on October 1. But when I think of everything that happened this—last—month, it’s obvious that I have a wonky sense of time.

For one thing, temperatures dropped from 80° to 45°. I ran two home meets. I went for a bunch of walks, savoring the fall foliage. I read a slam poem at open mic, got pushed through a haunted corn maze, rode in a toaster, saw 30 people sign up for the club I founded. I went home for the first time since moving into my dorm. This month alone, I’ve gone through at least three pounds of natural peanut butter (no shame). I wrote three articles for the school newspaper and was interviewed for two. I took the PSAT (and loved the grammar section—again, no shame). I had a very stressful week, and I got through it.

Time is a weird thing. The beginning of October feels like a long time ago, but it also feels recent. It feels recent until I remember everything I’ve done between then and now and I realize that yes, it’s been a while.

Maybe it’s because I’m so busy here. Empty time is what moves slowly. It’s also not something of which I have much.

This weekend was Parents Weekend (I am intentionally leaving out that apostrophe). I loved the atmosphere, seeing everyone showing their families around the renovated facilities. I was happy to treat my family to meals in the dining hall (in my humble opinion, the food is actually better when they’re not trying to impress parents).

October was beautiful. By now, there are more bare trees than colorful ones. I suspect the next time it gets back up to 70° like it was last Thursday will not be very soon. This week will be hovering in the low 60s, so it’s not exactly freezing, but brisk mornings are a reminder that winter—I hate to say itis coming.

I’m excited for November. My first Spirit Week is coming up, then I’ll hibernate through exams and come home for Thanksgiving break (which, mind you, is ten days long). I’m excited to see if my excitement will wear off as all of this becomes even more familiar.

I don’t think it will.


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