You Win Some; You Lose Some

Things I lost this week: the tri-meet up at Governor’s.

Things I won this week: I got to see the eclipse Sunday night. My whole dorm headed outside after a quick check-in. A few of us had our cameras; others brought blankets. We talked about how this eclipse isn’t going to happen again for 18 or 23 or however many years, and how the seniors at our school in that time will be kids who aren’t born yet.

I waited sit-down dinner for the first time, managing to avoid spilling large amounts of food or breaking dishes.

I met Kenji Yoshino, law professor and author of the book Covering. He’s so cool!

I helped weed a local baseball field, and in the process, earned the title of “Weed Magnet.”

I ran hills during a particularly painful practice and powered through, despite being slow and sore and mostly alone.

I attended three first club meetings and submitted my first article for the school newspaper.

I got to sing one of my favorite Hebrew prayers, Oseh Shalom, with the entire school in a morning Chapel service.

I performed a slam poem at open mic and got to hear some incredible singers and musicians.

I went for a walk with a friend, and we took pictures at a beautiful field a short way down the road. (Notice the above Mini Cooper. He came rolling through and I couldn’t help but snap that shot.)

Maybe I came in last in the race, but I gave it my all. I kept my head up when I could and looked down at the footing in front of me when I had to. (One sprained ankle is enough for the season, thankyouverymuch.) Some varsity girls from another team were cheering halfway through the course, and they were so enthusiastic that I almost believed what they said: “You look amazing!” “You’re doing great!” “You’re almost there!” (Shout-out to Nobles. Thanks, guys.) I didn’t run my fastest, but it was a hard course, and I felt good. Next week is our first home meet, which I’m really looking forward to!

These first three weeks have been everything I’ve hoped they would be.


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