One Week

I’ve been at school for just over a week, but I feel like I’ve been here for a month. In a good way. I’m comfortable here; I’ve found routine, I know my way around, and I’ve met kids who I feel like I’ve known forever. This is my first Sunday, and I’m in the library working on a short paper for my sacred studies class on why religion exists. I’m going to my chem teacher’s office hours this afternoon. I might put up my hammock and relax outside with a book in a little bit.

Last night was Awkward Dance, the first dance of the year in which dorms dress up in purposefully awkward themes. We showed up with cucumbers taped to ourselves. (It was sufficiently awkward.) As someone who is uncomfortable in crowded spaces and hates loud noises, dances are a natural enemy of mine, but I went for the experience. I’m glad I did, but needless to say, I won’t be doing so often. I spent most of the night outside, savoring a cool late summer night before the leaves start to change.

My first full day of classes was last Tuesday, and since then, I’ve blown stuff up in chemistry, used a massive planing machine in woodshop, and learned a bit about medieval Spanish. I’m not used to being in such small classes; my largest have 13 kids. I love it. I love the discussion-based humanities and relaxed STEM classes. I’m having so much fun in algebra. And chem is (mostly) making sense.

I don’t have too much work (yet), so I’ve enjoyed hanging out with new friends. Eating dinner with some girls from XC after practice, enjoying the sunset on walks to the boathouse, and trekking out to CVS for some much-needed deodorant. The campus is a big bubble, and there aren’t many reasons to leave, and I love it. I’ve always loved rural places and seeing people I know in town.

I should get back to that paper.


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