This Is It.

This is it. I leave tomorrow for school. On this final home stretch, I’ve gotten pretty sentimental. Not sad, or any less excited, just emotional. In a way, this is the end of my childhood, because after high school is (probably) college, and after that I’ll have to pretend to adult.

I’ve packed my belongings into the car. We leave in the morning. I’m not even going far, but it feels like I’m entering another world. I can call up my mum and ask her to bring an extra pair of pants if the forecast looks colder than usual. I can go home for Saturday nights every once in a while. I get the best of both worlds; I’m lucky enough to live the full-on boarding experience but the planet where I grew up is just thirty miles down the interstate.

To my old town: I’m going to miss you. I honestly never thought I’d think that, but you’ve raised me. For the past fifteen years, you’ve been my only home. You’re always going to be my first home. I’ll be back to snap photos of sunflowers on the side of Main Street.

To my friends back at public school: I miss seeing you guys every day. Don’t be strangers.

To the teachers who helped me get here: Thank you. I am so, so grateful. I’m gone, but I’m not really gone.

To my family: I love you. Come and visit.

To my big brother: You are hella annoying about a third of the time. But the other two thirds, you’re a shoulder to cry on, complain to, and joke with, and it’s that half that makes you my big brother. Do the dishes well for me, bro. Leave ’em spotless.

To my mother: I know that this is a huge sacrifice for you. And I know you’re not thrilled with the idea of not seeing me every day. Thank you for putting your preferences aside and giving me wings, because your believing in and supporting me have helped me grow into the strong and relentlessly persistent girl that I am.

And finally,to my new school and my new home: I can’t wait to get to know you.


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